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Born2eat team members are dedicated to bringing the best comfort food to Ontario. We are going strong, serving up healthy and tasty burgers, tacos and mac n' cheese balls throughout the GTA and surrounding neighborhoods. We may be a fast food truck but we are definitely not a junk food truck. We provide healthy food, comforting the soul, in a hygienic environment. Our chef Ruben? is well trained and experienced with a strong passion for food. Before started his own food truck, Born2eat, he always had a dream in providing not only traditional food but new trending food amongst the food truck industry. Simply put,

"it's easy ,if you Know what you are doing"

So tell your friends, family members, and even people at the bus stop to come and try our delicious selection on food from tacos to mac n' cheese balls. You can find us among the Toronto Street Food Apps ... definitely download if you haven't already. We are always cruising around and popping up in your local neighbourhood, so don't forget to search our location!Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, to find our whereabouts and experience our growing success with us.

If you want us all to yourself, we are more than happy to cater a private event, such as a wedding, baby shower, birthday, etc., or be at your local street festival.So dontt forget to check us out and see what we're all about!

-Born2eat team- & Chef Rubén


B2E curb side Menu

Auckland Nutrition burger

Ground beef 70% | beet 30% | aged cheddar fresh onion & tomato | Russian dressing Serve with french fries

Jafne Vege Burger

Aaged cheddar fresh onion & tomato | Russian dressing Serve with peri-peri chips

AA burger De cuisine

Aged cheddar fresh onion & tomato | Russian dressing Serve with peri-peri chips the Substitute | double cheese | bacon onion rings

Auckland Fried chicken on bun

Butter milk fried chicken | slaw | onion rings and Russian sauce

Halifax Lobster nachos

Nova Scotia Lobster | seafood béchamel sauce | guacamole | coriander

Torontonian top Dishes

I got 3 balls

# 3 Mac N cheese balls Dipping on coconut flavour dusted bed on mash or salad | serve with marinated sauce

Butter Milk fried chicken tacos (2pcs)

Maple russion | trible cheese | slaw & crispy oion

Wellington fries & gravy

Peri-Peri fries (small & large)

French fries, lemon,dice red onion | Peri Peri

Cheesy Chilli fries

Ground beef | mix cheese | sour cream | avocado | tomato and finished with green onion

Mar – Mite Poutine

Frensh fries | cheese,gravy | fired dice chicken | teriyaki and green onion

Butter Chicken Poutine

French fries | cheese | chicken and butter chicken gravy

B2E sweet ending

Coconut pancake

Stuffed with palm treacle | fresh roasted coconut serve with chocolate ice cream

Banana Bread Pudding

Creame rum sauce

Kids menu

Kids menu all 8

Chicken nuggets | fries Mozzarella sticks | fries Jumbo hot dogs with fries Kids burger with fries (cheese & ketchup )

top choices


Auckland nutrition burger


Roasted beef & beef bites

(Available for Catering Only)

We got three balls


Butter milk fried chicken tacos


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426-1117 Queen St W | Toronto ON | M6J 3x7

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